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2021-22 Boys Competitive Team Tryouts (13U-19U)

2021-2022 Competitive Tryouts/Registration - Boys

Rush Union Competitive Program - (DeKalb County location)
This programs is for competitive players in age groups 13U to 19U. The focus is split between development and competition. Teams are formed by tryouts and players can be cut. Once registered, players are committed to the same team for the entire seasonal year (fall and spring seasons) and any tournaments or events in which the team participates.
Rush Union teams participate in the Southeastern Clubs Champions League (SCCL) at the Club and Premier levels.

Rush Union Royal teams are the top team in age group. 
Rush Union Black teams are the second team in an age group.
Rush Union Navy teams are the third team in an age group

13U B2009 Rush Union Royal

13U B2009 Rush Union Black

14U B2008 Rush Union Royal

14U B2008 Rush Union Black

15U B2007 Rush Union Royal

15U B2007 Rush Union Black

16U B2006 Rush Union Royal

16U B2006 Rush Union Black

17U B2005 Rush Union Royal

17U B2005 Rush Union Black

18U B2004 Rush Union Royal

18U B2004 Rush Union Black

19U B2003 Rush Union Royal

19U B2003 Rush Union Black

19U B2003 Rush Union Navy

Field Status

Closed Closed

Pleasantdale Park (11:42 AM | 04/24/21)

Closed Closed

Brook Run Park Dunwoody (Turf Fields) (04:23 PM | 05/04/21)

Closed Closed

Pernoshal Park (03:55 PM | 03/31/21)